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Sep. 8th, 2010 01:22 pm
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I'm back, in theory, but I've been having computer problems, and though I got a new shiny I'm having to tweak a few things to get it to set up on my wireless, etc. So, err...I'm physically back from vacation, but probably not so much back to RP for a few more days. I'll try and catch up as I can, but if there's anything important me or mine need to see, please link me here?

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Headed out of town first thing in the morning, and up to Seattle on vacation thru Sept 8. I'll have wifi for some of the time, and be around off and on, but not nearly as much as usual, on either LJ or Twitter.

Everyone be good and I'll catch y'all as I can.

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Adam and Peter's wedding is underway over here. If you're in the verse, or connected to it, or friends of the grooms' come on over! The more the merrier. <3
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Everyone's ready to head to Massachusetts, right? Right. I know you all are. I know no one has forgotten that Peter and I are getting married Saturday, right?

Rooms for the family, rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception are all booked and arranged here.

We're heading up Friday, as I assume there will be bachelor parties tomorrow night. ;-)

Just a friendly last-minute because mun has been so crazy busy reminder!
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I know I've been frighteningly slow the last week, anyway, but letting y'all know that I'm going to be AFK all weekend, starting about 5PM tonight and running til late Monday night. Headed up to Oregon to FaerieWorlds, and will not have computer, let alone access.

I'll try to hit all my tags before I head out this evening, but otherwise will catch y'all when I get back.


(This goes for [ profile] thepainted_lady, [ profile] elementof_risk, [ profile] capableof_both and whomever else of mine is running around, too, obviously!)
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1. Comment with your character's journal.
2. List a verse or verses if you would like to pick one
3. I'll write a few words on Adam's feelings for them.
4. Feel free to return/spread the notion!
5. Enjoy!
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Posted on Lydia's journal.

Yes, that's where the majority of my more diverse (aka, not just Heroes) muses play, at the moment.
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You Crave Glory

Even if it's just your own private glory, you have a deep yearning for victory and success.
You feel on top of the world when you challenge yourself, especially when you are able to overcome adversity!

You have a competitive streak, and for you, there's something very satisfying about being number one.
You have more drive and determination than most people. You never mind working hard.

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Because this one has been spread out over 6 journals and Adam, Melissa and Lydia, at least, Tweet from it rather frequently, I thought I'd set out the basics of what's gone down and where everyone's at now, 'cause I've gotten a few, "..o.O?" from folks. :-) Yes, it's very AU.

This verse was created basically when three separate PSLs converged, because it occurred to us all that they fit together pretty well.

Adam - [ profile] changehistory (Twitter: @changehistory)
Peter - [ profile] hadtobeahero (No Twitter, the lazy bum)
Sylar - [ profile] heroslayer (Twitter: @selfnamedman)
Melissa - [ profile] capturedworlds (Twitter: @capturedworlds)
Samuel - [ profile] offering_hope (Twitter: @anofferofhope)
Lydia - [ profile] thepainted_lady (Twitter: @thepainted_lady)

Adam & Peter )

Sylar & Melissa )

Samuel & Lydia )

I think that's the highlights?
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Who am I to you?

One simple question, maybe a not so simple answer?

[OOC: Fake screened, because real screening is a pain in my ass. ]
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At the townhouse, there's just a nice, touching birthday card with a PS note saying to come over to the mansion for his gift. Apparently Adam was...being Adam, as per usual.

At the mansion, however, it becomes apparent why, because, really, he couldn't really wrap the full men's set of golf clubs without looking tacky, and he had to build anticipation somehow.

Attached to the clubs is a note:


I know you don't play, but you're a quick study. Last summer, the puppy and I kept getting stuck with other twosomes, unless Nathan was there, in which case we kept getting stuck with some lame single who wanted to make friends, and, really, you can see how that would impede our natural flow of conversation. We'd really far, far rather have you along with us, and if Nathan's not there, can make them let us go as just a threesome.

If you like, I've arranged for lessons with the golf pro, too, at the club nearest the house in the Hamptons. I figured it would be something we three could do together this summer, and for many summers to come. Maybe it's not bloodbaths and world domination schemes, but, me, more deals get done on the fairways than back alleys. ;-)

Happy birthday, my friend.


[ooc: Assume in Verse That Needs a Name he got a card and a gift certificate to dinner in the nearest city for him and Melissa 'cause, um, Adam doesn't quite know him so well there, but figured he and Melissa might like a night out on the town away from all the ticking? ;-)]
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It was for the best all around, and he knew that, but that knowledge didn't lessen the pang of loss or whisper of disappointment and grief for the life that might have been.
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There is nothing "zany" about restarting the world

Your Creative Power is Your Vision

You can always see the big picture, and you never lose sight of your vision.
You are especially good at inspiring others and getting them on board with what you want to do.

Your ideas tend to be a bit zany and outrageous. You are more of a dreamer than a doer.
More than anyone else, you are willing to take a risk. If you're not going to leap, why even live?

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This is the Hallelujah Master List, which will be updated as new versions are found, and will always be alphabetized and numerical, so it's easy to check alphabetically and see if we have something or not. If you have something not on this list, or would like to help us find new ones, this is the place to link new versions/uploads and we'll update the list.

Thanks so much!

Hallelujah Master List )

Posts with lists of contents and download links for .zip folders of songs:
Hallelujah Folder 1
Hallelujah Folder 2
Hallelujah Folder 3
Hallelujah Folder 4
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The fourth folder contains 40 more copies of "Hallelujah" and can be downloaded here.

The versions of "Hallelujah" contained in folder #4 are under the cut.

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