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Name:Adam Monroe
Birthdate:Jan 31
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
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Adam was born in London somewhere around 1644, and traveled to Japan on a merchant ship when the emperor opened their ports for trade. Deciding Japan was a place where a man could make his fortune, he stayed on there, taking the name Takezo Kensei and training to be a samurai. He became a mercenary, selling his sword to anyone who would pay him, though he generally drank away the gold they gave him and sent people out to fight in his place. All that changed in 1671 when Hiro Nakamura traveled back in time and convinced him that he had a destiny to be a great hero. While accepting Hiro's help to become a hero and save the girl he admired--Yaeko--Kensei was shot with several arrows and "died". However, moments later he revived and healed, revealing that he had powers, like Hiro--the same power as Claire Bennet would have several hundred years later--that of rapid cellular regeneration. Kensei used this ability to help him complete feats of great prowess and daring, coming close to being a great hero, but when he caught Hiro kissing Yakeo, he vowed vengeance and allied himself with the villain instead, promising Hiro that as long as he lived, Hiro would suffer.

Kensei learned that with his ability came an inability to age--his cells regenerated too fast, making him effectively immortal. He lived through the centuries, moving around, marrying sometimes, having children occasionally, and always moving on because when people noticed his ability most reacted in horror. One wife called him a demon and another drank herself to death. Only one woman accepted him for what he was in the next three centuries, and he stayed with her until she died in her 80s. After that he started his search for disciples, people like him. In the 1960s he founded Primatech Paper and started drawing people with abilities together and eventually founded the Company with twelve other people who all had abilities--Angela and Arthur Petrelli among them. They believed they could "save" the world, though often that meant plans for some disaster or another to then pull the world together afterward. In 1977, Adam planned such a disaster, and attempted to relase strain 138 of the Shanti virus (named after Mohinder Suresh's sister). He was stopped by Kaito Nakamura and locked up in a cell for the next 30 years and used as a Company guinea pig. He used that time to plot his vengeance.

In November of 2006, that vengeance was handed to him when Peter Petrelli was put in the cell next to him. Over the next four months, Adam convinced Peter that they had to break out and that they needed to stop the Company and save the world. Peter finally agreed and, using his abilities, the two escaped together. Adam's plan, however, was to try and release the virus again. Peter helped him get to the vault, but Hiro arrived just in time and grabbed Adam, teleporting him away and putting him in a coffin, burying him alive, so that he could never hurt anyone else again.

Communities Adam Writes and Plays In:

[info]hearts_andminds (as [info]makemethe_hero)
[info]paradisa (as [info]makemethe_hero)

Miscellaneous OOC Info

Disclaimer: Adam/Takezo Kensei is from the TV show Heroes and is owned by Tim Kring and NBC. This journal is for roleplay and fic writing only, and I neither make a profit, nor intend infringement of copyright.

To contact mun, please leave a comment in this post or ping her on AIM.

Mun for Adam is [info]ladyofbrileith

WARNING: This journal may contain NC-17 material of a violent or sexual nature. If you are a minor or offended by such, STAY AWAY.

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IC AIM: changehistory
OOC AIM: ladyofbrileith

Adam plays in a number of different RP settings and universes, most of which spin off from then end of S2 of Heroes though one spins from S3. He is also open for other interaction:

[*] Choices [tag: verse: choices] - Adam's single most active 'verse. He is living with Claire ([info]its_notluck) and Peter ([info]youngerpetrelli), dating Peter, BFFs with Sylar ([info]heroslayer) and Julian Sark [info]elementof_risk), and working to build a new Company from the ashes of Primatech and Pinehearst. It's one of Adam's most populated and diverse 'verses, linking Heroes, Alias and Buffy/Angel in a rather seamless fashion and probably one of the two I'm most proud of for how it's come together in such a fun and drama-free way--everyone works brilliantly together with both individual and group-wide plots and it's very yay!

[*] [info]recreating_eden [tag: eden] - An alternate universe, wherein Peter did not make it into the vault in time, and Adam succeeded in releasing Strain-138 of the virus. Now, a year and a half later, 99.9% of the world's population has been killed, leaving less than a million survivors planet-wide. Adam is working to rebuild the world in the way he would wish, having created a base for survivors in Seattle, which he has renamed Eden. However, not everyone trusts his rise to power, and Nathan Petrelli is working to carve out an alternate place for people to gather, to survive, south of Eden in Corvallis, OR. Peter's torn between them, the lines are drawn, and while Nathan pulls more away, Adam strives for reconciliation, wanting a united front among the survivors--and wanting a relationship with his son, Nathan.

[*] S3 Fixed [tag: s3 fixed] - Totally needs a new name. Mostly a PSL with [info]hadtobeahero. Season 3 played out as it did in canon up until the hiatus with one minor exception--Maury helped Adam get away from Knox and Arthur before Arthur totally drained his power and killed him. Adam talked his way out with giving Arthur his blood after he had Maury debilitating Knox, but then it took him a bit of time to recover from what Arthur DID do, and he spent the rest of the season hiding. Peter still went through what he went through, but after Nathan's betrayal, Adam found him again. They've sort of said "fuck it" to everything and are warily watching what Nathan's up to. Adam says they're moving to London and going into hiding until some enterprising person assassinates Peter's ass of a brother, and is regretting ever healing him.

Jack's 'verse [verse: jack] - After being buried alive, Adam was rescued by Captain Jack Harkness ([info]onlysayinghello), of Torchwood, who had planted a locater device on Adam when they met for a tryst in New York at Thanksgiving. Grateful for the rescue, Adam followed Jack back to Cardiff where he's been mostly behaving, attempting to not bait the Doctor too much, and helping out where needed in between bouts of petulance at his plans failing. They have one pet cat, Cerridwen.

Elle's 'verse [verse: elle] - While Peter was still missing in Ireland, Adam married Elle ([info]not_myfirstday), who had let him escape on the docks that night. After plans in Odessa failed, she used Molly to find him, and dig him up, and the two escaped to Europe where they have been honeymooning and settling in while coming up with a new plan.

Hiro's 'verse [verse: hiro] - Stricken with remorse for what he'd done, Hiro ([info]powered_otaku) freed Adam from the coffin. Adam's stayed with him, though in the early stages it mostly involved killing the boy and bringing him back. They've moved on from that, but still seem bound together both by love and hate, trying to move forward, but sort of stuck where they are.

Crack 'verse [verse: crack] - Adam's with Peter ([info]yearsguilt) from 5YG, who's decided he likes this timeline better. With Elle's ([info]not_myfirstday) help, they've taken over the Company, and Elle found Adam's older sister, Marissa ([info]achingformore)( still alive with the same ability he has). Together the four of them are running the Company, and while Adam's acting reformed, who knows what the truth really is?

[info]primatech_v2/"AU 'verse" [tag: verse: primatech v2] After Odessa, Peter ([info]thatsortofpower) decided that he had to save Adam. Traveling back in time, he arrived in Japan in 1671, before Hiro, and was the one to teach Takezo Kensei about his ability and set him on the path to being a hero. Without Hiro's betrayal, Adam's world didn't spin off toward darkness. Instead, Peter stayed with him for the intervening centuries. They founded the Company together, brought the rest of the founders together, ensured Angela and Arthur married. Under their guidance the Company is what it claims to be, helping the evolved, working together to create a better world. Most who died in the other timeline are alive, due to Adam's blood, or the fact that they found Gabriel before he became Sylar, helped him realize his potential, kept him from his killing sprees. However there was a cost--Nathan. Peter didn't realize Nathan was Adam's son, not Arthur's and so his big brother was never born.

[info]paradisa [tag: paradisa] - Played out with the journal [info]makemethe_hero, but prompts occasionally end up here. Adam's been kidnapped by a magic castle and whisked away to another dimension. He was with Peter and Elle both until Peter cheated and Adam moved out and sulked for two months and realized Elle was the only person he could trust. Now, however, Hiro's shown up and he's trying to learn to forgive--both Hiro and Peter--and he and Peter are tentatively sort of seeing each other maybe, while he still really only *trusts* Elle. It's a v. interesting dynamic at least in my head, both with him giving forgiveness a chance for the first time in his life, and him actually truly trusting Elle as much as he does after sort of taking her for granted for so long.

[info]hearts_andminds [tag: H&M] - Also played out with [info]makemethe_hero but prompts may end up here now and again. Very new. Adam's been whisked away to a village in a new dimension to learn how to forgive and let go. He's sort of rekindled things with Elle, is bedeviling Mohinder, and made friends with Faramir. He doesn't know Hiro's there, yet, and kind of adores Daphne a lot. It's new. We'll see how it goes.