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- Never accomplishing anything that leaves a lasting mark
- Failure
- Losing Peter
- Losing Nathan's regard again
- Having to live up to their expectations
- Not being allowed to be who I am
- Claire getting as hurt as I did
- Angela turning on me again.
- Coffins.
- Teleporting.
- Having to keep sitting by, watching as the world rips itself apart.


- Clowns
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- Time
- Distance
- Rebound sex. Lots of it.
- If all else fails, vengeance.
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- Read
- Have sex
- Go for a walk outside
- Watch a movie
- Drink
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- That he was my friend.
- That he wasn't jealous.
- That our goals were the same.
- That he wouldn't betray me.
- That he'd never try to use his ability on me.
- That he was dead.
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- Her smile as she gave me the sword
- The night by the campfire.
- The morning she said yes.
- The day we met.
- The afternoon he was born.
- The night I gave in.
- The moment he stepped through the wall.
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Honestly, do you know how many of these I've made over the years?

- Don't try to take over the world.
- Don't try and exploit Suresh's formula for any nefarious purposes.
- Leave the virus alone.
- Stop killing people's parents.
- Let Peter be my whole conscience guide thing or whatever.
- Make a bigger, better, brighter Company this time around. 0:-)
- Stop eating so many cupcakes. They're going to start affecting even my metabolism soon.
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- "Christmas Dreams" - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
- "Back to a Reason (Part II)" - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
- "A Perfect Christmas Night" - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
- "Wizards in Winter" - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
- "Old City Bar" - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
- "Baby, It's Cold Outside" - Al Hirt/Ann-Margaret version
- "And So This is Christmas" - John Lennon
- "Do They Know It's Christmas?" - Bono (Thank you, Melissa)
- "Baby Please Come Home" - any version, but I especially like Bon Jovi's
- "My Grown-Up Christmas List" - Kelly Clarkson
- "O Holy Night" - Josh Groban
- "White Christmas"
- "Silent Night"
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Crack 'verse

- Bid New York adieu
- Find somewhere sunny
- Make sure there is a beach
- Drink a great deal of rum
- Collect paper umbrellas

Choices 'verse

- Massive amounts of shopping.
- Host a dinner. Find someone to cook. Maybe make reservations?

...Right I realize now there aren't any plans. Possibly I should make some. It seems I'm a bit out of practice.
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- My thoughts
- My feelings
- My agenda
- My friends
- My ability
- My past
- Myself
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[ooc: Cross-verse, as it applies]

Please. I can justify anything I choose to. Call this what I will bother with justifying:

1. Killing Kaito Nakamura
2. Killing Harry Fletcher
3. Killing Paula Gramble
4. Killing Carlos Mendez
5. Killing Victoria Pratt
6. Killing whatshername.
7. My plans to kill Bob Bishop.
8. My attack on Angela Petrelli.
9. Forming the Company.
10. My using Maury Parkman.
11. Using Peter to escape.
12. My plans for the virus.
13. Seducing Elle.
14. Joining with White Beard. (I'm feeling nostalgic. Might as well toss it in.)
15. Drugging Hiro.
16. Marrying Yaeko's great-grand daughter.
17. Asking Claire to move in. (Not that needs justification, but I can and will should I be called upon to do so).
18. My arrangement and friendship with Sylar.
19. My school plans.
20. Anything else you feel the need to fucking question me on.
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1. Make a list of requests.

- Stop trying to "save" me
- Try actually listening to me for once.
- Don't suggest activities that include small, enclosed spaces.
- Leave my drinking alone. It's not hurting me, and I enjoy it.

2. Make a list of suggestions.

- Open your mind to other possibilities for solutions to your problems
- Try and see the bigger picture
- Don't get caught in the details--they're important, but they also cloud the vision.
- Recognize there is more to life than black and white, good and evil, right and wrong--things are almost never so clear cut and simple.

3. Make a list of demands.

- Don't try to cage me again.
- Don't betray me.
- Don't lie to me.
- Don't even think about coming after what's mine.
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[ooc: Set pre-escape, post-Peter's arrival 'cause that's more fun. *g*]

*scratched on a piece of paper, then discarded*

- Elle's next visit
- Escaping this cell
- Tearing this place apart
- Killing Bob
- Killing Victoria
- Killing Kaito
- Killing Daniel (Note: Apparently taken care of)
- Killing Angela
- Releasing the virus
- Getting the boy to actually talk to me
- Convincing the boy to get us the hell out of here
- Something more interesting to read
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- Creme brulee
- Beef Wellington
- Spanikopita
- Sushi
- A good bolognese sauce.
- Pana cotta
- Chicken Cordon Bleu
- Chicken Kiev

Heaven forbid I start easy...
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World domination
Manipulating people
Sexual sadism

Sorry, none. I don't feel guilty about my pleasures.
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[NaF!verse and Open!verse]

- Research publicly traded companies
- Get the cats their six month check up. See if blood worked.
- Get info from Columbia (Business, Neuroscience, Psychology)
- Pick up new sheet music for the piano
- Consider house at beach. And a boat.
- Get info from Mt. Sinai (Humanities and Medicine program, Graduate School of Biological Sciences)
- Get season tickets at the Met
- Locate Trina's children--make sure they are adequately provided for
- Look in to a more permanent arrangement at the bar

[Open 'verse only]
- Plan trip to Barbados. Make sure to have boat first.
- Get tickets to Vegas.
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- Hot roasted chestnuts.
- Pie. Not fruit pies, but savory ones. Meat pies, shepherd's pie, etc.
- Warm cider.
- Televangelists. Trust me. They've got more in common with Puritan preachers than you'd think.
- Renaissance faires. They're nothing like, but the clothes bring back memories, at least.
- The taste of pewter.
- The smell of a newly printed page.
- Fireplaces.

There are other, less pleasant things, but I don't want to burden anyone.
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- Challenge a Musketeer to a duel
- Drink more than one bottle of rum on a beach in one sitting
- Piss off a sumo wrestler
- Mix tequila and red wine
- Rob a coach and four with nothing but a sword
- Bury treasure without a reliable map
- Fight 90 angry cannibalistic ronin
- Climb a frozen waterfall to retrieve a single crimson peony
- Fight a black bear
- Fight Snake Women
- Cut my heart out for a dragon
- Tell one of my lovers to go out with someone else
- Use Peter for anything he wouldn't appreciate being used for
- Let anyone separate me from a child that is mine
- Try to release a deadly virus
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"Hallelujah" -- Cohen or Buckley either one
"Whiskey Lullaby" -- Braid Paisley
"Every you Every Me" -- Placebo
"Rise from the Ashes" -- Quietdrive
"Until the End of the World" -- U2
"Love on the Rocks" -- Neil Diamond
"Weekend in New England" -- John Barrowman
"Are You Lonesome Tonight?" -- Elvis
"Suspicious Minds" -- Elvis
"Burning Love" -- Elvis
"Even Angels Fall" -- Jessica Riddle
"Cruel to be Kind" -- Letters to Cleo


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