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Noon. Tomorrow. Times Square.

Someone tell Mohinder to stop whining about the cold.
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Yes, I know it's 19 days away, BUT, for those of you not paying attention (of which I am sure there are more than a few): Susan Boyle will be performing!!! Therefore, it's rather imperative we get there even earlier than we usually do.

It's Tuesday, November 30th this year. I think we probably should have lunch down there or something to make sure we get prime spots without having to have Sylar murder anyone. Just joking, Peter. Sort of.

And, just think, Baileigh! Sark! We can teach Irina how to ice skate!!!!!
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Consider this your T-minus 2 week countdown, people.
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Peter )

Peter & Nathan )

Nathan )

Nathan & Alisha )

Angela )

Claire )

Hiro )

Monty )

Simon )

Baileigh )

Sark )

Irina )

Sylar & Mohinder )

Molly )

Matt )
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Once the snow stopped falling, Adam was out the door, gathering up the boys and finding the nearest park to spend the day building snow forts with snowmen to guard them and staging snowball wars of epic proportions.
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If the highs and lows of his moods seemed more rapidly cycling than usual, at least Adam managed bright smiles and high spirits at each of the gatherings he'd planned out for the family and tried to not let the lower points bring the holiday spirit down.
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Determined to restart the festive mood, Adam had Christmas music playing, a fire going, hot chocolate made, and marshmallows out for roasting when Peter got home from work.
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Hanging stockings hadn't been a tradition he'd worried about last year, but knowing he was going to get to have his grandchildren with him this year had Adam scouring stores for the perfect stocking stuffers to make young boys smile.
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Having found the house and provided the space for everyone to gather, Adam was more than happy to leave the planing of the actual food to others, and figured everyone would be grateful he'd done so given his complete lack of skills in the kitchen.
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Fully aware that he was responsible for dampening spirits, Adam was determined to drag everyone into the holiday mood well before Christmas arrived, no matter what it took.
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After everything the past few months, Adam wasn't sure he wanted mistletoe hung all around the flat, but he did make sure there was plenty of it in the less public areas that were just theirs.
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There were plenty of sparkly things tied up in bows under the tree that were meant to spoil her, but the biggest gift Adam wanted to give Claire was a life free of the loneliness that had haunted his.
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As much as he hated the cold--and despite the fact that he pulled them all out into it, he was no more fond of it than Baileigh and Mohinder--Adam found himself watching the sky each morning with a slightly disapproving frown as it kept refusing to yield a proper snowfall to help the spirit of the holiday season along.
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Looking around the flat that had seemed so spacious before they started hanging greenery and lights but was now starting to resemble some parody of what Santa's living room might look like, Adam was forced to admit it was possible he and Peter had gone a bit--just a bit, mind you--overboard with the decorations.
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This year was a little less like wrangling cats to get them all there, and sliding his arms around Peter, Adam took a moment to look around at his family and smile before focusing back on the huge tree in front of them, holding his breath slightly as he waited for it to light up the square.
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Specific Dates to add to your calendars:

Nov 26: Julian was apparently on the ball and rebooked us a parade view room at the Comfort Inn, Central Park West, so we don't have to be on the street. I thought it worked well last year. We should probably be there by 800, if not earlier--maybe do breakfast there? Baileigh's offered up their house for dinner, which is kind. Matt, feel free to invite Daphne, if you like. Nathan, Alisha is more than welcome, as well. Angela, you will be there. Anyone able to help set up/cook check with Baileigh and, I'm assuming, Claire and Julian for what they need.

November 30: Winter's Eve at Lincoln Square - Starts at 5:30. Tree lighting, entertainment, food tasting, street performers, shopping, and more.

December 2: Rockefeller Tree lighting. Festivities start at 6:45, tree lighting is at 8:55. Everyone survived the ice skating last year, so no whining this year. :-P

December 6: Central Park Winter Holiday Lighting

December 9: Madison Square Park Holiday Tree Lighting.

December 19: Santa at Belvedere Castle in Central Park: I think we should take Molly, Irina, Monty and Simon.

December 24: Christmas Eve service somewhere, for those of us who wish to.

December 25: Christmas--we'll figure out where to do presents and dinner.

Events without specific dates we need to fit in:

The Bronx Zoo - includes horse drawn carriage rides through a decorated zoo, a reindeer herd, ice carving demonstrations, and presents for the animals.

Shopping and ice skating at Bryant Park -- Outdoor shopping to avoid the department stores. Plus, more ice skating. Deal with it, Mohinder.

Seeing the decorations at the Time Warner Center.

Seeing the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

The American Museum of Natural History's holiday display--including origami trees and lit up dinosaurs. This one's for you, Hiro.

Any questions?
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For the sake of space, should we head to the Hamptons for Thanksgiving? We'd have to rely on Peter and Hiro for transport if we want to do the parade...if anyone wants to this year...but our other choice is Baileigh and Sark's and I don't want to foist that on them...

I just don't think we'll all fit at the townhouse comfortably this year with our extra additions.

Ditto Christmas unless I can buy and close on the house by then.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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It's tonight at 8:58 PM. The ceremony starts at 7. We probably need to be there by 630. Yes, we have tickets. Do not ask how. I didn't. The puppy is very, very, very good at what he does.

Dress warmly. We'll have hot chocolate.

Baileigh, I promise lots of snuggling.

We can ice skate after if anyone wants to.

If we're getting dinner beforehand we need to go, like now.

Questions? Concerns?
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Adam didn't need a great deal of sleep in the worst of times, and this was far from that. He woke up with a smile, and almost a bounce, not at all careful to keep from waking Peter, because there was a parade to get to, and spots to try and be able to see it and some people and slept on the street to be able to do so, dammit, for days and they were all lucky he wasn't that insane.

Really, he'd just made sure Sark's hotel room was along the parade route, which hadn't been easy, but apparently when you'd killed the right people through the years--and he was speaking of Sark's killings, not his own, for once--perks like that were fairly easy to get. It even had a balcony, so. Suresh and Baileigh could even go back inside and warm up if they got too cold. Adam? Master planner extraordinaire, thank you very much. Sark had rolled his eyes.

Apparently most of the prep work for the cooking was done, or so he'd been informed, and possibly everyone knew who all was going to be there. There was still a bit of fretting over getting the turkey cooked, but, well. Peter and Hiro could just teleport them back--he shuddered a bit--from the hotel to the apartment after Santa went by--to avoid the crowds--or at least teleport Claire and Sark back if the rest were too weirded out by it (he wasn't fond, personally and somewhat doubted if Sylar would trust either of them to do it, but they wouldn't hurt Claire) to get the bird started and dinner should be easily ready by 3 or 4 by his estimation. Not that he had the faintest idea, really, but he'd been informed everything was chopped and mixed and he had made sure to buy the best of cooking equipment when it was pointed out to him?

He'd done his best. The parade was scheduled to start in just a couple of hours. They needed coffee, stat, and people, and to get to the hotel and get Sark and Baileigh out of bed. Santa was coming or some such thing and there was celebrating to be done.

He might have been a tad bit over-excited...


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