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Slipping Hiro was a little too easy. It wasn't that Adam wasn't curious about what was going on, or which side might be the best to be on, but a window in his cell was hardly incentive enough to get him to agree to go back into a Company cell. Been there, done that, had the scars...well, metaphorically.

The physical ones disappeared; the memories didn't. He wasn't going to be a Company lab rat, ever again.

So, why was he in New York, drinking in a pub around the corner from one particularly problematic empath's apartment? Best plan of action would be to hit Toronto and his safehouse and run off to Bali or somewhere full of sun and sand and pretty girls and boys. And yet...

He'd thought about Peter a lot in that coffin. Regret. A wish things could have been different. Some fantasies where it was. Maybe he just wanted to explain. Not apologize, of course, at least not for the plan, but maybe for...using him. If he'd thought he could recruit him in the time they'd had, he would have. Maybe.

He sighed into his beer, then flipped open the phone he'd stolen from Hiro. He'd left it off until now, not wanting anyone to be able to trace it, but he needed it for a moment. He'd destroy it after this. Besides...he rather thought Angela might not have told Peter about her plan to rescue and recruit him, which meant he wouldn't know Adam might have Hiro's phone.

It was worth the gamble. He sent the text, asking Peter to meet him (Hiro) here, flipped the phone off and ordered another whiskey.


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