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1. "Hallelujah" - Leonard Cohen
2. "Hallelujah" - Jeff Buckley
3. "Hallelujah" - Jon Bon Jovi
4. "Hallelujah" - K's Choice
5. "Hallelujah" - Hilary Scott
6. "Hallelujah" - Alexandra Burke
7. "Hallelujah" - Willie Nelson
8. "Hallelujah" - Bono
9. "Hallelujah" - Gavin DeGraw
10. "Hallelujah" - Justin Timberlake
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Your Soul's Urge is Love

You feel connected to the world around you, and you love interacting with people.
You believe that companionship is an important part of life, and you try to have as many friends as possible.

You are the best friend that anyone could ask for. You are kind, sensitive, considerate, and loyal.
You find it easy to grow close to people, and you are emotionally effected by those around you. You are very empathetic.

From Elle

Dec. 6th, 2009 12:09 am
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I'm going to describe myself in six words. Please respond to this post with your own six word description of me. Then post this in your own LJ and see if people can cram the awesome that is you into ONLY six words.

Devastatingly charming slightly amoral immortal visionary.
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Several, actually.

There's my pet time traveler - useful that, when things don't go your way and you need someone to pop back and fix them. Of course, he's a bit over-eager and sometimes has to be stopped from changing too much, or other times has to be coerced into seeing that manipulating the time-space continuum is for the best. Why have these powers if he's not going to use them after all?

There's my pet cheerleader - wanting so much to be normal, and to fit in--and if nothing else, I am her blood and someone who understands her, because I was her, once upon a time. And she is like me, indestructible, able to withstand anything, and those needs combined with that capability and her age and our bond--I can forge her into a weapon the likes of which this world has never seen. Not what Peter saw, not destroying her. Something else. Something better. She's my blood, after all, and I'll see to it that she leaves her mark on this world. Isn't that what every parent wants?

There's my pet Slayer - you'd be surprised how many things out there are actually just as threatening as those of us with abilities. Things that go bump in the night. Demons and vampires and black magic wielding creatures, and she, with her super strength and super speed, comes arrayed with a whole host of demon-fighting knowledge and a backup of witches and Watchers and a bunch of super-powered girls all loyal to her. You never know when that might come in handy.

Then, there's the puppy - my own pet assassin, spy, sociopath, and doppelganger. Of course, our resemblance really does benefit him far more than it does me--people are more likely to shoot at me, and I'm fond and I'll heal him if he gets hurt and he's got his little project going on to duplicate my DNA, but...he's got an in-depth knowledge of the world I'm lacking after thirty years in a cage and that the others don't have either, coupled with the ruthlessness to carry out what I need him to. And, well, I'm enough of a narcissist to like looking at him.

We can't forget my pet serial killer, of course - Willing to kill without remorse and in far more effectively gruesome ways than even the puppy. To take the powers from those who won't use them the way I need them used, and then put them into play how I deem fit. To be a weapon against those who stand against me, and craving being special nearly as much as I do--he'll stand for my vision of the world and help me carve it. And along with him comes that beautiful, brilliant brain of his geneticist's, so. It's two for one, and I can't go wrong.

Last, but not least, there's my pet empath - Because everyone, even I, need to be loved, and he's so very good at it. And under that...there is so much power there, just waiting to be pointed in the direction of reshaping the world. Carefully guided, letting him keep us "on track"...he's a pinnacle of perfection just begging for someone to know what to do with him, and I really think that I'm that someone. And he is so perfectly happy to be led.

...Oh, and I have a kitten, too.

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