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It wasn't at Easter with its focus on sin and redemption that Adam missed his lost faith most, but at Christmas with its message of a hope he was no longer sure he believed in.
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It might be the Christmas season, but this is one day Adam takes out of his holiday festivities to celebrate the birth of someone he finds far more special than Christ--however sacrilegious that might sound.
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Somehow it didn't matter that he'd seen a thousand snowfalls, or cursed it more than once on a cold campaign, the first flake he saw drift down from the gray sky always made Adam smile.
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Adam adhered to nearly every Christmas tradition, from mistletoe to caroling to tons of greenery and lights strewn around his house and yard, but however much he adored his family and friends, the tediousness of sitting down and addressing envelopes and putting stamps on them all always kept him from getting into the habit of sending cards.
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Once the snow stopped falling, Adam was out the door, gathering up the boys and finding the nearest park to spend the day building snow forts with snowmen to guard them and staging snowball wars of epic proportions.
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Candy canes are, Adam decides, the most ridiculous decorations to hang on Christmas trees considering that every time he passes the tree he snags one and now, halfway through the month, most of the edible decorations are gone.
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If the highs and lows of his moods seemed more rapidly cycling than usual, at least Adam managed bright smiles and high spirits at each of the gatherings he'd planned out for the family and tried to not let the lower points bring the holiday spirit down.
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It amused him how many of the "old fashioned" Christmas traditions people clung to were relatively recent inventions, but Adam didn't let that stop him from throwing himself into the spirit of it all anyway and demanding they be followed.
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Determined to restart the festive mood, Adam had Christmas music playing, a fire going, hot chocolate made, and marshmallows out for roasting when Peter got home from work.
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All the lights in the house were out save for those on the Christmas tree, casting flickering shadows on the wall they danced on and off, while Adam stared at them, hypnotized, and wondered if things would ever get back to how they'd been.
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It was moments like these, curled up with the one he loved, sipping hot chocolate and watching the snow fall, when for a few moments, at least, Adam could put aside his restless discontent and just savor the present.
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Hanging stockings hadn't been a tradition he'd worried about last year, but knowing he was going to get to have his grandchildren with him this year had Adam scouring stores for the perfect stocking stuffers to make young boys smile.
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Having found the house and provided the space for everyone to gather, Adam was more than happy to leave the planing of the actual food to others, and figured everyone would be grateful he'd done so given his complete lack of skills in the kitchen.
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Fully aware that he was responsible for dampening spirits, Adam was determined to drag everyone into the holiday mood well before Christmas arrived, no matter what it took.
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After everything the past few months, Adam wasn't sure he wanted mistletoe hung all around the flat, but he did make sure there was plenty of it in the less public areas that were just theirs.
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While there had been no Santa Claus in Adam's youth, he remembered fondly the subversive figure of Father Christmas showing up occasionally to rail against the Puritan banishment of celebrating Christmas that had haunted his childhood.
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It was probably ridiculous, and he certainly didn't feel much like celebrating, but there was something uplifting in it anyway as Adam sat in his cell--bare of so much as a single Christmas candle--and sang carols just to prove to Bob he was still there.
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There were plenty of sparkly things tied up in bows under the tree that were meant to spoil her, but the biggest gift Adam wanted to give Claire was a life free of the loneliness that had haunted his.
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As much as he hated the cold--and despite the fact that he pulled them all out into it, he was no more fond of it than Baileigh and Mohinder--Adam found himself watching the sky each morning with a slightly disapproving frown as it kept refusing to yield a proper snowfall to help the spirit of the holiday season along.
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Looking around the flat that had seemed so spacious before they started hanging greenery and lights but was now starting to resemble some parody of what Santa's living room might look like, Adam was forced to admit it was possible he and Peter had gone a bit--just a bit, mind you--overboard with the decorations.


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