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At the townhouse, there's just a nice, touching birthday card with a PS note saying to come over to the mansion for his gift. Apparently Adam was...being Adam, as per usual.

At the mansion, however, it becomes apparent why, because, really, he couldn't really wrap the full men's set of golf clubs without looking tacky, and he had to build anticipation somehow.

Attached to the clubs is a note:


I know you don't play, but you're a quick study. Last summer, the puppy and I kept getting stuck with other twosomes, unless Nathan was there, in which case we kept getting stuck with some lame single who wanted to make friends, and, really, you can see how that would impede our natural flow of conversation. We'd really far, far rather have you along with us, and if Nathan's not there, can make them let us go as just a threesome.

If you like, I've arranged for lessons with the golf pro, too, at the club nearest the house in the Hamptons. I figured it would be something we three could do together this summer, and for many summers to come. Maybe it's not bloodbaths and world domination schemes, but, me, more deals get done on the fairways than back alleys. ;-)

Happy birthday, my friend.


[ooc: Assume in Verse That Needs a Name he got a card and a gift certificate to dinner in the nearest city for him and Melissa 'cause, um, Adam doesn't quite know him so well there, but figured he and Melissa might like a night out on the town away from all the ticking? ;-)]
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Adam's still in Canada, like most of the family probably, so he makes sure the following gets delivered to Baileigh and Sark's hotel room, along with a bouquet of flowers.

He's totally taking a card out of Sark's deck, even if he's usually more creative, and there is a little blue box. Attached is a gift card for a spa day in the hotel spa, and an offer to babysit, as well as the following note in her card:

Happy birthday, sweetheart. I'd have offered more of myself for the evening, but being a respectable engaged man, and you a married woman and a mother, I thought perhaps a piece of jewelry reminding you how loved you always are, was more politic.

Love always,
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Star Wars USB drive
Yoda slippers
Okay, yes. After being all romantic for Peter's birthday, he's being a bit of a dork...

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(For s3Fixed & Lord what fools) Platinum poesy promise ring inscribed with vous el nul autre "You and none other"

[ profile] not_myfirstday Handpainted rainbow scarf.
A spa day to pamper herself after having to go through all the ups and downs of first trimester. No water immersion treatments, obviously.
Cute black boots, sans heel, so she can still feel fashionable while not causing her back to ache any more than shifting center of gravity is already doing.
And maybe, okay, possibly, if it's important to her, they can go bail the idiots in America out of their latest mess.

[ profile] snarky_blonde Hand painted floral batik scarf.

Merry Christmas, loves.
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Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Hudson Valley for Two - I know it might seem a bit mundane after flying, but how often did you really just get to float and look at the world? I thought you could use a chance to really relax and enjoy the experience, especially after the last year.

Happy Birthday.

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He and all of her sons might have been in Paris for Baileigh and Sark's wedding, but that didn't mean that Adam had forgotten about Mother's Day, or Angela, or that this was the first one to come around since he'd been truly sure Nathan was his and thus Angela the mother of his child.

Therefore, Sunday morning, a bouquet and note were delivered to the mansion in New York:


I'm sorry the timing of things worked out that everyone ended up away...I know that's not how it was planned, but if it's any consolation I'm thinking of you today, and so very grateful for you, and for Nathan, and for Claire. For our family, even if they don't really know it. Thank you for being there, for raising our son into such a brilliant man. I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you, that circumstances dictated our lives go down a different path, but you are now, as you were then, always in my thoughts. I'll take good care of them here for you, I promise, and of Claire, Peter and Gabriel...always. I won't let anything happen to them, for your sake as much as theirs.

Happy Mother's Day, Angela. We'll be back home soon--perhaps you'll let me take you to dinner to make up for all of us being away today?



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