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Slipping Hiro was a little too easy. It wasn't that Adam wasn't curious about what was going on, or which side might be the best to be on, but a window in his cell was hardly incentive enough to get him to agree to go back into a Company cell. Been there, done that, had the scars...well, metaphorically.

The physical ones disappeared; the memories didn't. He wasn't going to be a Company lab rat, ever again.

So, why was he in New York, drinking in a pub around the corner from one particularly problematic empath's apartment? Best plan of action would be to hit Toronto and his safehouse and run off to Bali or somewhere full of sun and sand and pretty girls and boys. And yet...

He'd thought about Peter a lot in that coffin. Regret. A wish things could have been different. Some fantasies where it was. Maybe he just wanted to explain. Not apologize, of course, at least not for the plan, but maybe for...using him. If he'd thought he could recruit him in the time they'd had, he would have. Maybe.

He sighed into his beer, then flipped open the phone he'd stolen from Hiro. He'd left it off until now, not wanting anyone to be able to trace it, but he needed it for a moment. He'd destroy it after this. Besides...he rather thought Angela might not have told Peter about her plan to rescue and recruit him, which meant he wouldn't know Adam might have Hiro's phone.

It was worth the gamble. He sent the text, asking Peter to meet him (Hiro) here, flipped the phone off and ordered another whiskey.
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[ooc note: Based on RP in [ profile] hearts_andminds. Peter referred to is [ profile] dreamtof_flying. Angela is [ profile] seemynightmares and mine to use.]

When he came in, she was standing in the kitchen, leaning against the counter with an open jar of peanut butter, licking delicately at the spoonful she’d scooped out. A half full glass of whiskey sat next to her, the bottle on the counter, open, with an empty glass next to it. She paused for a moment, then pulled the spoon out of her mouth and held it there, swinging up and down in the air as she watched him across the space between.

The twist of near pure panic in his gut was ridiculous. With her hair twisted up on her head, held in place with a pencil, and a nightshirt on that he thought might have kittens on it, she looked about twelve, no matter if she was right and date of birthday in the village or no, she’d reached her legal majority a couple of months before. It was the look in her eyes, he decided. Kittens and pencil bun aside, that was all Angela, and it had never quite failed to send chills down his spine.

That, of course, was also ridiculous. He could heal from anything, and all she did was dream the future. She didn’t even have an aggressive power. And yet...

She smiled. It didn’t help. It never did when she was in this mood. Dangerous. Somehow, across the hall, when they weren’t watching, she’d grown up a bit more than anyone noticed.

“Found your whiskey. Have a drink?”

Adam let his bag slide off his shoulder. Running wasn’t a good idea. So he told himself to show no weakness, and moved across the room, closing that distance that had felt safe, and reached for the bottle, filling the empty glass.

“You’re still too young for this.”

“So ground me.” The look in her eyes practically dared him to say anything more as she deliberately reached for her glass, taking a sip, and he had to wonder what whiskey and peanut butter tasted like.

“Where’s Peter?”

“At the clinic. He had to work the late shift.” Another lick of peanut butter, another sip of whiskey, her eyes never leaving his face.

He was going to die. She was going to murder him in his sleep. )
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Happy Birthday, love.

[ooc: Assume a fabulous present--mun hasn't had a lot of time to virtual shop to be able to find anything appropriate, but Adam would never have been so negligent. ;-)]
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Adam and Peter's wedding is underway over here. If you're in the verse, or connected to it, or friends of the grooms' come on over! The more the merrier. <3
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Everyone's ready to head to Massachusetts, right? Right. I know you all are. I know no one has forgotten that Peter and I are getting married Saturday, right?

Rooms for the family, rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception are all booked and arranged here.

We're heading up Friday, as I assume there will be bachelor parties tomorrow night. ;-)

Just a friendly last-minute because mun has been so crazy busy reminder!
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Title: The Man Who Sold The World
Author: Bria - [ profile] ladyofbrileith
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Adam/Peter, Mohinder/Sylar
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, m/m relationships-but no graphic sex, spoilers for S2 and part of S3.

Words: 15,520

Summary: In a world where over 99% of the population has died, decimated by the release of the Shanti virus, Adam has worked hard to build an outpost of civilization for survivors in a paradise, a new Garden of Eden, where humanity can be shaped into the image of his choosing. But while most of the survivors have resigned themselves to this new world and struggle to find their own place and build lives within it, Peter refuses to do so. Despite the feelings he and Adam share, Peter won't rest until he manages to undo what was done, no matter the cost, and Adam must find a way to stop him before it's too late, and his perfect apocalypse is destroyed.

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6
Notes: Thank you to my wonderful betas: [ profile] kirsteena, [ profile] risingfire and [ profile] keep_them_safe

FANMIX to accompany: by [ profile] entwashian - The Future Never Happened
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...It got a little long, and I didn't know if it would fit in the comments, esp repeatedly. >.>

Adam/Peter: Salvation )
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[ooc: Peter is [ profile] hadtobeahero, Sylar is [ profile] heroslayer and both are used with love and permission. Melissa is [ profile] capturedworlds and mine to use as I please. Companion piece to this.]

"We should go to Baltimore," Adam announced, not looking up from where he was stretched across the bed on his stomach, looking at the laptop.

"Um, why?" Peter asked, blinking as he looked over at him from where he'd been putting the laundry away. "What with it being right next to D.C. and have some sort of plan?" There was a glimmer of hope in his eyes along with wariness. Adam's plans weren't exactly something to immediately get excited about, after all, but if it got Nathan and Danko off their backs, or, better yet, talked some sense into Nathan...

"What?" Adam glanced up, a frown on his face for a moment, then shook his head. "Oh, no. Nothing like this. We should go for this." He spun the computer around so Peter could see it.

After coming over to read the webpage, Peter glanced up at Adam incredulously. "FaerieCon? You want to go to Baltimore in order to spend a weekend with people running around dressed up like fairies, going to seminars about fairies and shopping for...fairy stuff?"

"There are two masquerade balls, too," Adam pointed out helpfully, giving him an angelic smile.

Peter just stared at him.

Adam's smile faltered. "What?"

"Have you lost your mind?"

Adam scowled, spinning the laptop back around to himself. "No."


"I've never been to a convention of any sort besides a business one."

"Okay," Peter said cautiously, clearly still trying to work out what was going on. "They can be fun, I guess, but, um...I'm not sure now is really the time?"

"Then when?" Adam asked.

"We have eternity, you keep pointing out."

"But I want to go now."


"I'm bored."

Peter paused at that. If he'd learned anything, it was to take those two words very, very seriously when Adam uttered them. Bored Adam tended to be dangerous Adam who came up with plans to drastically change things in which people stood a good chance of getting hurt.

"I know we haven't seen a lot of action lately..."

"No, we haven't," Adam said, with a bit of a scowl.

Peter sighed. "Why this?"

"Because I've never done it. Do you know how few things I can say that about?" Adam glanced back up at him.

Peter looked like he wasn't sure he trusted the guilelessness in those blue eyes in the least. "Baltimore's really not the best place for us, Adam..."

"We'll be fine. Besides, the people hosting the Con did the art design and goblins for Labyrinth," Adam said, as if that concluded the discussion.

"So?" Peter asked.

"...It was a really good movie."

"You barely paid any attention to the movie. You just liked David Bowie's tights."

"Peter, anyone with any sense in the world appreciated David Bowie's tights in that movie." Adam gave him a look, arching an eyebrow.

Peter looked like he was contemplating banging his head on something. )
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[ooc: No particular Peter-muse implied. Adam just insisted on this being written. If your Peter would like to be involved in a "where does this go from here" or spinning AU from here, let me know. Angela is [ profile] oncewasadreamer and mine to use for purposes of this. Also, please to be excusing any mistakes in the Italian, as I've relied on phrase books and Babelfish...>.>]

"Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though it is hard to realize this. For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and griefs which we endure help us in our marching onward."

For all intents and purposes, Adam Monroe had died, like Takezo Kensei and Richard Sanders and so many other aliases the man sipping a glass of wine in a small tavern in Portoferraio had borne before him. He preferred it that way. After nearly fifty years and disaster after disaster, it was time. Time to move on, time to disappear, time to be someone else, time to come up with some new plan. What had started as a dream, had grown into an idea through the fall of 1960 and the spring of 1961, and matured into a plan through the rest of the 60s...he had to finally acknowledge it had failed. The Company, his disciples, his grand new world order. Perhaps he'd moved too quickly, should have bided his time, let them come to him more slowly, guided the previous generation in the raising of this one. If he'd had a hand in it, in the rearing of a generation of specials from birth, maybe things would have gone differently. Then again, he thought he'd caught this one young enough, vulnerable enough to shape them, and he had in some ways, but not enough.

Whatever the reasons, whatever might have been done better, he let it go now. It was done. He let Adam die, let them all believe it, and walked away. A new name, a new home, a new life. He'd done it so many times before, it was routine, though he didn't like the way it tugged at him, like ripping off a skin he wasn't ready to shed. Still, the island was beautiful, and he settled into its rhythm easily enough, adopting an Irish accent, buying a small house, getting himself a job helping out on one of the fishing boats when the owner's son went off to college. He didn't need the money, but it gave him an entrance into the community that being a rich expatriate wouldn't have, and the simple work let him be out on the water again, in the sun and warm air, working so he didn't have to spend his time thinking. There was even a girl, not one of them, but just a girl, sweet and sassy and with a smile on her lips who kept him from thinking at night when he was most prone to brood.

He probably should have gone somewhere other than Italy, but there was some element of masochism he couldn't break.

The masochistic impulse made him keep one tie, one contact who sent him news. He knew when Pinehurst burned, knew about the body found inside. He almost sent flowers to the twice-widow, but stifled the impulse, reminding himself he was dead. He watched the news, saw Senator Petrelli take his place in politics, rising up. He heard his words with a chill down his spine, the echo in them ringing out across time to quell any sense of pride he might otherwise allowed himself to indulge in.

He knew when Peter went on the wanted list. Knew Angela was safe, and when she wasn't, and almost reached out again, to tell her to get herself and her younger son out, to offer her sanctuary, but Peter wouldn't run, and she wouldn't leave Nathan. He knew that without asking, and best, still, if they thought him dead. Best not to go back. What could he do, anyway, but end up back in a cell, and he'd spent too long in those these last three decades.

He knew when things went back to normal, though not how, and he let himself breathe a sigh of relief, hoping now he could truly let them go, and for a while he was able to. Able to bury himself in his new life and let them get on with theirs however they were.

Cut for spoilers for 4x13 & 4x14 )
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This is potentially the most ridiculous question ever asked. My partner's family...god. My partner's family, you see, turns out to be my family. Or, no, not turns out to be, because...I knew it was a possibility when I started falling in love with him. I knew there was a chance...

And, no, before anyone asks, he and I are not related. There's no blood or DNA we share.

But the situation is...complicated, and it always will be complicated, and I cannot change that. I cannot change what I am, that I am a man who does not age, who moves through time without having it touch me, that I have loved before, and that I loved...that once upon a time I loved his mother. That maybe there is a substantial part of me that still does. I'm not someone who stops loving when I have fallen. We had a child, she and I--his half brother. We have grandchildren--his nieces and nephews. The secrets are out, now, and everyone knows. He has to live with the fact that he's dating his mother's ex, and his brother's father, and "complicated" is actually a very mild word.

Add in the fact that his mother and I haven't exactly had the most...stellar of records for honesty in the past, and that there are more wounds there, and some days I have no idea what the fucking hell he's doing with me. Shall we review, in brief, how I get along with his family? See if it counts as "good terms"?

His mother: We were lovers for near on 14 years. I count her, still, as one of the loves of my life. We plotted to destroy the world together, for purposes we still believe were good ones, though we may have come to disagree on the level of destruction necessary to achieve our purposes. I may have tried to kill her with my pet telepath. She may have told our son how to kill me and that he should do so. I still love her. I'm fairly certain part of her still loves me. I chose him. She accepts that fact. We're speaking. We all got along well for the holidays. On the other hand, I bought her a necklace that cost more than a small house, so I say that might have been a bit over the top, but...all right, all in all, on good terms?

His elder brother: Hated me for ages for using Peter. Threw a few punches. Exchanged more than a few insults. Found out I was his father. Wasn't overly pleased at that at first. Seems to be coming around to the idea, though, and wanting to spend time with me, and lets me see his children and be in their lives, so...I think we're getting there?

His twin: My BFF. Probably feels as uncomfortable as a new member of the family structure as I do, as we were both cast out of it for decades, but, we're coming to terms with it, and though he was royally pissed at me lately for certain...actions I took that weren't all that advisable, we seem to have made up.

His niece: My granddaughter. My protege. She's never really had a problem with me, despite everyone trying to turn her against me for a while. She was the first to realize what we were to each other, to accept me as part of the family, and we've been close for a while, bonded by our mutual ability, one no one else fully grasps, even the others who have acquired them. There's something to it, when it's just yours, when it is what you were born with, and it bonds us.

His nephews: Monty seems to adore me. Ninja swords and pirate stories work well for that. Simon, I'm less certain of, but I don't think he dislikes me...

His nephew-in-law and one of his best friends: Oh dear god, don't get me started. My first love who married my granddaughter; who betrayed me for another; who built me up into believing I was something special to him, then took it away; who buried me alive and left me there to go mad...Honestly, I have no idea what terms we are on from day to day. I have...forgiven as best I am able, and I believe he has, as well, and sometimes I see the glimmer of the friends we once were, but then he married Claire, and now...I do not know again. I can't think about it.

So. It's complicated, but honestly, it isn't so much his family I worry nearly as much about as it is him. How he will take my entanglement in his family's life, the more he thinks about it. If he ever realizes how much his mother meant, and still means, to me. I gave her up, I chose him, and I've no regret there. She and I hurt each other too deeply to ever go back to what we were, before, but what we were...I don't think he knows, and I worry if he ever understands, ever grasps it, ever fully understands it. He's taken so much from me, put up with so much, forgiven so much...

Sometimes I wonder when enough will be enough, and what will be the final straw.
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[ profile] lifetimedreamer: Return of the Jedi film cell
Star Wars USB drive
Yoda slippers
Okay, yes. After being all romantic for Peter's birthday, he's being a bit of a dork...

[ profile] hadtobeahero: (s3 Fixed) Travel journal - something to start keeping track of things. It's a good idea for forever.
(For s3Fixed & Lord what fools) Platinum poesy promise ring inscribed with vous el nul autre "You and none other"

[ profile] not_myfirstday Handpainted rainbow scarf.
A spa day to pamper herself after having to go through all the ups and downs of first trimester. No water immersion treatments, obviously.
Cute black boots, sans heel, so she can still feel fashionable while not causing her back to ache any more than shifting center of gravity is already doing.
And maybe, okay, possibly, if it's important to her, they can go bail the idiots in America out of their latest mess.

[ profile] snarky_blonde Hand painted floral batik scarf.

Merry Christmas, loves.
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It might be the Christmas season, but this is one day Adam takes out of his holiday festivities to celebrate the birth of someone he finds far more special than Christ--however sacrilegious that might sound.
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Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Hudson Valley for Two - I know it might seem a bit mundane after flying, but how often did you really just get to float and look at the world? I thought you could use a chance to really relax and enjoy the experience, especially after the last year.

Happy Birthday.

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Since we have three kitchens in the new house, I thought it might be a good idea if we learned to use them. And as good as he is at it, I really don't fancy learning anything from the puppy when he's got a knife in his hand, so.

I signed got us a series of cooking classes. They say it's a good thing for couples to do to spend quality time together, and practical, too.

Happy birthday, love.
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Regrets I've had a few
But then again, too few to mention
I did what I had to do
I saw it through without exemption
I've planned each charted course
Each careful step along the highway
And more, much more than this
I did it my way

Standing behind Peter as he strained toward the vault, Adam felt a quiver of anticipation rising inside of him. After all these years, all this time, things were finally coming to a head. He'd dreamt of this moment for decades. Hearing the fools hadn't destroyed the virus after all had just cemented his planning. Had it not been available, he would have found another way, but this...oh, this had poetic justice. And using the child of Arthur and Angela after they had left him in there to rot? That was even more sweet.

It had all come together so easily, like destiny was guiding his steps. The boy in the cell next to him, of not only the right parentage to exact his vengeance, but the skills needed to usher in the new world order. Winning him over had been the first triumph, each lie he believed another, all leading to this moment, when Peter gave him exactly what he wanted.

And then what?

The mocking whisper was one he'd pushed aside more than once the past few days. The closer they drew, though, the louder it grew, and the firmer he was forced to make his resolve. He would not regret this action, would not let doubt to sway him. This was right. It was necessary. He'd come too far, worked too hard, planned too carefully to let anything sway him from his goal now.

The metal bulged; the door swung open. Adam moved toward the vault, casting Peter a sideways look.

He wouldn't let anything stop him now. Especially not a pair of warm brown eyes and a crooked smile and the cold realization he might never see them directed at him with any fondness again. He could live with the regret. He'd have to.
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After everything the past few months, Adam wasn't sure he wanted mistletoe hung all around the flat, but he did make sure there was plenty of it in the less public areas that were just theirs.
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Watching Peter sleep under the glow of the Christmas lights Adam refused to turn off no matter how high it drove the electric bill, knowing he was his, just his, now and forever, the immortal was content to believe for the moment that he'd never want anything else.
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Whatever it takes, however he has to twist himself for now to win his way back to where he wants to be, no matter how frustrating he finds biting his tongue when he hears rumors of what's going on in their world, Adam does what needs doing to keep Peter by his side, holding one thought ever at the forefront of his mind--he has time on his side.
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[ooc: Written for Adam/Peter claim @ [ profile] un_love_you. It's thus non-verse specific and Peter is not aimed at any specific muse.]

The lock gave way easily under Adam's fingers. Some skills you never lost, even without practice, it seemed. He tsked lightly under his breath as he let himself into the dark apartment. Peter really could do with a better security system. There were dangerous people in the world, after all, and while the boy had the ability to take care of himself, Adam doubted that even now Peter was prepared for a surprise in his own home or to do what was necessary to defend himself.

As a point of fact, he was counting on it. )
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He's never had a chance at happily ever after before, and now that he does, he'll do anything to keep it, no matter the cost to himself--or to others.


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